Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bored With Yarn Yet?

I got nothin'. Seriously, I was getting tired of seeing that old entry on the top of my page and so as thinking through what I could write today, I couldn't think of a thing that wasn't yarn or poncho-ey. I am 2/3 of the way from poncho paydirt and am blogging to rest my hands (it's a different set of muscles and movement). Here's a list of yarn related stuff.
  • Karina links to an interesting article about inmates learning to crochet plus sent me this article on knitting and feminism yesterday. It's everywhere.
  • I am out on a personal day today and have spent the day knitting in front of courtroom shows. So much televison makes me at the same time disgusted with myself and excited for summer. It's quite an inner battle but nothing compared to the kid sent to boot camp, woman suprised by the DNA test, or all those people hurt in car wrecks waiting for the insurance companies to do what's right.
  • What should we do to the teacher at school who was overheard telling someone that my knitting looked "like it is full of moth holes"? Stupid bastard person, blocking will fix it!!!
  • *Bonus List Item That Made Me Race to The Computer* It's the Amish who intentionally left a flaw in their work because only God is perfect. The Amish!! All those faceless dolls have a flaw somewhere in 'em. Praise Jesus! When you see my poncho, you shall be closer to God. You shall worship.

I promise to try to see something other than mint colored cotton ease.

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Tack City said...

For edification:
Most Plains Indian tribes would also leave a flaw in the beadwork of their dance regalia for similar reasons (many still do, but sadly traditions die out, you know).