Sunday, February 06, 2005

Loretta Lynn+Jill+Miss Educat=luv

Do you know the best part of yesterday? It was better than finally seeing Sideways with Nancy, a phone call from Karyn in Utah, hearing from Karina, running into Sarah, dinner and a play with Andra and Kristen, or seeing my kids all happy in college (all of which I did do today and all of which made it a really good day).

It was the message on my machine from Jill (midway through driving in a two car caravan with her five children to move to Virginia, good lord! what must she be made of) when I got home.

"Ok, so this is probably costing me ten dollars a minute, but we are in the
middle of Tennessee somewhere and I had to call you. I just thought of you
when I saw a sign for Loretta Lynn's ranch. I just thought 'Now there is a
birthday trip for Miss Educat!'"

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