Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pimp My Legislation

Today, The Houston Chronicle reports that black conservative commentator Armstrong Williams was paid $240,000 to positively tout No Child Left Behind. His company, the Graham Williams group made ads with one min reads from my former boyfriend Rod Paige and also bought Paige time as an in studio guest on Williams' radio show.

Do you even need to hear my commentary here? I have spent the entire day with high school children showing them how to say more with fewer words and yet I have thousands now.
  • I am amazed that our administration spent so much of our tax money on something like creating positive images. You can either admire or hate it, but I have always seen our President as a man who could care less who doesn't like him or his policies.
  • I have heard research that says that the more the general public knows about NCLB, the less the approve of it (just trust me on this, I looked for a bobkes). Perhaps the idea is that those who drink the Armstrong Williams kool aid will fancy themselves informed and not actually read the legislation.
  • I think some people did that with me and the Bible once.

I was all set to mull over and write a big entry about mood music and musical influences along the lines of Scott's and now my mind is all pissy.

Music later. Am taking myself to a movie tonight.

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