Sunday, January 09, 2005

Conversation Transcript To Show How White I Really Am

Friend from another culture: Man, I went to Bath and
Body Works to get my niece the Sweet
Pea candle
she wanted and it was fifteen bucks! I'm not paying fifteen bucks
for a candle!

Former BBW advisor:
I guess this is the part where I am
supposed to tell you about the 100 hour burn time on that candle.

I can get you 100 hours of candle, you know those candles near the salsa in the grocery store? Those burn for five days at a time!

Confectioners Sugar, How Come You Taste So Good?:
Are they scented?

No, you have to have incense for that.

White Girl:
Unless you are praying to...

Right, unless you are praying to Saint Sweet

I come from a culture where everyone has two sets of dishes, and no one has wine glasses. I am working to get over it.

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