Monday, December 20, 2004

It's Like Watching Iron Chef With Yarn

In my neverending search for free stuff online, I was searching crochet patterns. I actually found this site from a thread on crafster. If you are in anyway inclined to handicrafts and have a sense of irony, you will love a site with crochet patterns for pot leaves.

So I end up at the site of a Japanese yarn company, translate the site into English via Google, and end up with these quotable descriptions of their work...
  • This year flower motif of attention, 3 making, connect the れ れ, oh with
    while saying, be able to make, rising! It is warm, it held, it is the accessory
    of new feeling.
  • The hat which is knitted for the first time is such a simple shape the male
    is completed.With the セ ッ ト of the hat and the muffler please in the present!
  • It becomes such a checkered pattern the chart knitting and the reverse side
    knitting of the basis depending upon combination.Don't you think? it becomes
    desired being the color difference
  • First you challenge to the simple muffler.If such a BASIC color, you can use
    in the unisex, don't you think
  • Delicate pattern is beautiful, it is the muffler of the crochet needle
    knitting. Round and round while increasing, it just knits, very it is the
    luxurious completion.

I will now strive for such commentary for every item I make.


Anonymous said...

My muffler needs a knitted cover. Can you oblige?


KristentheRN said...

Do you ever feel like you need to laugh, but it's just too funny? Yeah, that's how this entry made me feel...

Tack City said...

It is the accessory of new feeling!
That's so very Talking Heads.

kara said...