Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I Can't Comment on my Blog From Work...

but I can do a whole other entry!!

I drop a word here to respond to Marty and clarify my last entry about
the OBU. I am pretty sure what I want the end product to be (my child
somewhere besides Bison Hill), but I have to use my power for good. I
have to be smoove.

Comment, kids, what questions does she ask the admissions kid so she
sees for herself she wants to be elsewhere?


Tack City said...

Ask about academic freedom. Ask to talk to instructors (if there are any who feel safe enough to speak discouragingly about the situation there). Ask to talk to current students (specifically ones who are feeling the crunch).

KristentheRN said...

I'm sorry this has nothing to do with what you asked- but it really pisses me off that we can't post comments to blogs at school! What do they think they're paying us to do all day- work???

Otherwise- I know that I should be able to tell you some really good questions to ask, but I need to know more details about the girl (personality and what she plans on majoring in).

educat said...

Don't get me started on in school blogging. While my commentary might be silly, it is not to be believed how slow these folks are to look at blogging in education.

Since two of you have asked I will tell you that Hortense isn't sure who she is. She is from a very strict Pentecostal African home and wants to think big thoughts but can't decide which way to go (I have told Kristen and Micah that she has in the same class period given a power fist for Obama and told me she wants to be the next Condi Rice). She says now that she wants to major in International Business...I could see that change.

She is a mighty formative kid and I want this to be HER decision and not something to please any teachers or parents.

kara said...

i don't know dude... if she's not looking to go into the ministry i'm pretty sure OBU is not the place for her. if she plays soccer however... she might want to check it out and may even get a fancy scholarship!
i'm still feeling a little bitter.

educat said...

Here is what seems to be the end of the story. We talked Friday after she had seen the admissions person and she seemed to have reached the "right" decision on her own.


She asked how many black people were on campus.

*sniff* I raised that girl right.

Tack City said...

Well, color my heart warmed.