Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Loyal To Our Alma Mater?...I'm Trying!

I have a serious question for you, internet. I need all you OBU kids to listen.

I have this kid at school who is a senior. Truth be told, I own her and I don't for the life of me know why. She might go way too far to please me.

She told me today she is talking with the admissions folk at the OBU.

I loved loved loved and loved some more my time there. I would send 1/3 of the kids I know to the OBU I knew from 1989-94. I told Hortense* what OBU was for me but am concerned about all the changes. I encouraged her to ask hard questions of the admissions person and then told her I would give her some idea of what to ask.

That's my question, internet Bison family. Besides some real answers about the effects of the budget cuts, what can my kid ask to help her make the best decision?

*All real names have been changed. Except for me. And OBU. And you, internet.

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Tack City said...

Well, first of all, is she planning on studying theatre there? If so, tell her to run far away from OBU. There is but a semblance of a theatre department there for the future (by no fault of the capable instructors) from what I hear. Sad.
Come on, Jennifer. Try to talk her into attending some liberal arts school in a blue state. She could use the new environment.