Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Anytime There is New Smart Ass Poetry, An Angel Gets Its Wings!

Anyone can play solitaire on a palm in a meeting, but I think the next level of cool is to write mocking poetry in meetings!

We all use a different form, I likes me some haiku but my friend Beth-who-is-not-in-the-library writes limericks. The satisfaction comes from the crafting of the poetry but sharing it brings catharsis to a new level.

My next door teacher neighbor is a lurker here and just when I don't feel myself being all edu-catty, she comes by to giggle about something she read here. Today when that happened, she shared her first try at mocking meeting poetry.

Know first that the "Big Sticky" is the easel sized post it note that is all the rage in the Dilbert like "small sharing groups" that infect most meetings.


We live in the age of the big sticky.
There is no escape
.Nights filled with quick, smiley legs
and hairy markers.

Succumbing to them,
the living parts of us go SPLAT on the floorand die.

Breaks, vacations, mental health days,
Oh, sweet respite!

BS lurks to kill again.

Thanks, JeanAnn. Your poem is back in your box.

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