Monday, November 01, 2004

There Go My Placenta

This is not a political entry.

I have called two seperate households tonight and both answered the phone with "please tell me you are not a political call".

I wasn't then and I'm not here. I want it over with. Goodbye, Gambling Mice, Carson Dancin Bighead and Stupid Texan Who Thanks Me For Voting Against The Lottery.

I won't miss you at all.

This instead is an entry about the quote of the day.

I get new Communications classes today. They are still small and I have them working away on their first speech (Introduce Your Partner To The Class With No Expectation Of Greatness On My Part!!! Just! Get! Up!!) when I overhear one of my new charges sharing her ultrasound with the girl next to her. She is pointing out the various landmarks in the picture and makes me chortle with...
There go my placenta.

There it go, indeed.

When I call Jill to cackle I am greeted with her laughter at the catchphrase (after all, she said that very thing just over a week ago) and with the new catch phrase of her home, "You are all up in Baby Charlie's grill." (said to caution her other children as they gather too close to the infant).

I know I was supposed to post 95 things that piss me off today, but I am just over it. Over. It. I plan to crochet the evening away watching the SNL special.

Good day to you, internet.


Tack City said...

You know, I read this the other day and didn't really think of it, but I have tons of this type of quote (I work at a proprietary college in Chicago, lots of folks from the West Side and other low-income neighborhoods, lots of slang and double negatives as well).

One favorite, and I'm sure you'll like this, I overheard at the Art Institute while looking at the Seurat (you know, the really famous one):

"Yeah, but she walkin' a monkey and that be messin' with my head."

Well, yay.

educat said...

...and we have a winner!

I know I hear entertaining stuff like this all the time, but seldom is it so funny I remember it at the end of the day to blog. It's probably the same thing you find, there is comedy you build a sort of comedic callus.

Walking a monkey!...Messing with my head!

Tack City said...

There's a wigshop across the street from my building (a wig shop called- no foolin'- Wigfield, very dignified sounding joint). Just last evening a lady walked by me on the sidewalked with her head cocked in the direction of Wigfield. She said, to nobody: "I'm 'on' get Me a wig."