Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ten Teenage Girls Shall Vomit In Your Honor

Proof that the Daily Oklahoman is not afraid to ask the tough questions can be found in Sunday's edition. My Principal was interviewed for the paper's fashion section this Sunday. She is a snappy dresser, but the article was a bigger piece of fluff than anyone should expect even on the fashion page. I'll not link to it as it will go into archives soon and you won't be able to access it. I shall, however, post the highlights:

Q: Would you rather watch home repair pro Bob Vila, TV psychologist Dr. Phil
McGraw or Carson Kreesley of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?
A: I would
probably watch Bob Vila, not because of my home repair skills, though. I think
it's interesting to watch his talents and then his finished products.
Q: How
long did it take you to get ready today?
A: Actually, getting ready takes me
about 30 minutes -- 45 at the most. I do schoolwork sometimes in the morning or
chores that keep the house shipshape.

I'll not bore you with the whole thing, it isn't important enough, even for this
blog. The interesting part comes with the last question.

Q: What is your biggest fashion fear?
A: Getting too fat so all my clothes look bad.

Let it be said that I am saying nothing here that I have not said either to her or in an email.

I have already blogged here that I struggle with my weight but am more accepting of it now than ever. I know what the weight will do to me and am working to find a reasonable way to deal with it. That said, I wish my skinny little principal could spend some time with me and see some things...
  • I am convinced I will loose my dad to complications from his obesiety. I am convinced it will happen before I am 40. I will repeat what I said before, my dad must continue to ingest the very thing that will kill him. A smoker can quit smoking forever but an overeater must eat.
  • I know girls with eating disorders. I know who some of them are, some I do not. Food and weight issues are serious business.
  • There are students in our school who don't have enough to eat.

Kind of makes my principal's fears of a double digit dress size seem silly, eh?

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