Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Eavesdropping On A Father/Daughter Conversation At The Jimmy's Egg

Daughter: "I love how the cheap Monet posters here are juxtaposed against the whittled wood Last Supper"

Father: "That's actually the last breakfast. Lots of people don't know that but when they paid for the room, they got the whole day."

"John wanted to get the salsa but Matthew stopped him"

"That's right, because they charge for it here."

"This coffee is my blood, this raisin toast my body."

"Get on this side of the table if you want to be in the picture"

"Smile, boys, here comes the whittler!"


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Ms. O. I never have conversations in real life this funny. I probably shouldn't admit that though.

Kristen M

educat said...

Holy Crap!!! When this comment popped up on my gmail, it made my blood run cold because I saw Ms. O! I thought those meddling kids had found my site and all the fun was over!!!

But then I got better. :)

Tack City said...

That's about as bitchin' a father-daughter conversation as I've ever heard.

No, really. This brought me joy.

I have a very sad and empty life.

kara said...

i wish it had been me and my dad having that conversation.

educat said...

Thanks to all of you! You should know that my dad (who would be a regular reader but I am not sure he could find this website twice) was thrilled to know our talk made it onto the blog and that you enjoyed it so much.

Other transcripts are sure to follow as the holidays keep me ensconced in the bosom of family.