Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blog Me Once and Blog Me Twice and Blog Me Once Again, It's Been a Long, Long Time.

Keaton calls his blog entries "Daily Updates" and I maintain that doing that forces entries where there should be no entries. However, I will agree with Marty, it's been too long. Please don't expect structure of any sort.

Remember how Fallujah was the funniest word on the news? And then it wasn't funny at all but horrid? Fallujah gave me one more laugh on the news the other day when I heard the phrase "returning Fallujah to the Fallujans". Fallujah still isn't funny but Fallujans? That's funny.

Part of the reason I haven't blogged in a while is just the stress. I have told a couple of friends that the reason I don't spend time in the third world is that I cannot handle the needy constantly wanting a part of me. My world seems too much like that third world experience right now. I have in one class period (and I am not kidding) worried about one of my girls in a shelter, talked with a boy about his parent's hours-old seperation, sent a boy to the restroom to spit out his tooth ("You need to get to the dentist!" "Oh, we don't have insurance, I can't do that"), and pimped dress clothes for more than a few of them so we can go to competition. It's hard!! It's hard hard work!!!

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that my lower Maslow is covered. Hell, my mid to upper Maslow is in decent shape. Thank God it is or I couldn't do this job.

Fallujan...I needed that.

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Anonymous said...

Here is another laugh during the same day, a student couldn't figure out why she couldn't find F. Scott Fitzgerald in the G volume of the encyclopedia. Wasn't Fitz his first name? It is days like these that I think we speak two different languages. Have a great break see you Monday (my birthday by the way).

Beth W.