Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Charity Rhymes With Hilarity

So my friend Kathy is raising money for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is running her third marathon and as if it isn't enough to train for a marathon (I so admire anyone who plays a sport that requires you leave the sofa), this crazy gal has to raise $3k for the cause.

The link is here, and worth checking for some wacky photoshopping. Go here (hope you don't mind, Kristin and Micah, I couldn't find the actual image so I am linking to your site for it), then back to Kathy's page. Now back here again, now back to Kathy's page.

Creepy, eh? Please don't let that stop you if you are inclined to give, but please be aware that Kathy and her running partner are only two women.


Tack City said...

Jennifer? Where are you? Are you okay? I need something new and soothing and entertaining to take the edge off the job here.

educat said...

Hey, I'm not taking down the link but it's worth noting that the pic on Kathy's site has been changed. This proves that we are a force to be reckoned with here on the internets.