Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You know, I never met John Edwards either

Take a break from the political nastiness. This will offend everyone!


Karina. said...

I'm tempted to PhotoShop a pic of you with John Edwards, but I won't. Thanks for the Onion-y break to the better version of reality. It serves to remind me that I don't always have to go around complaining about how the Onion was all downhill after the first time I heard someone say, "Have you seen this website called The Onion?" Yeah. I'm from Wisconsin. It's a newspaper. (One of the very few times when I get to be all cooler-than-thou, heard-of-it-first...)

educat said...

I really did consider photo shopping myself in with Edwards and make my own morning after blog spin. Then I remembered I haven't been to a prayer breakfast since I don't know when. I also missed the Liddy Dole swear in (but after watching the tape, I really think she has the smallest, most lovely hands).

Let's just vote and get it over with, already.