Thursday, October 07, 2004

To-day, I Am All Bullets and Fragments.

We tell the Youth and Government kids to create bullet-y lists for variety, but I like 'em because they take away the nuisance of actually connecting my thoughts.

  • -Today Larell registered to vote!!! My angry young black man got over his fear that voting will make him more available to law enforcement officials and filled out the card! He guessed right away that I won't tell him who I am voting for, but I offered to print information for him on any issue he wants. Good has been done in America, friends. Good. Has. Been. Done.
  • -Second to Merrill Markoe, Lizz Winstead is my comic hero. Did you know she was the original co creator of The Daily Show? You do now. I love love love her and tomorrow night Comedy Central will air Comedy Central Presents Lizz Winstead. Nine in the PM central time. I type this for your information and for my reminder to tape for I shall be selling football tickets.
  • -There is new haiku on the 575. Just when I remove the link, Karina makes me love haiku again. Evidently, she had to sit through some sort of condescending Tony Robbins type seminar.
  • -Beth pretends to hate her, but then sends me this link. She sent me this one too. Please Lord, let my love of books never take me here.
  • -Speaking of love of books, I want to solicit your help. I am on a committee at school to select a book for the entire school to read. I love this idea! Here are the ideas I could find and remember, but help us out! What are your ideas?? I trust your book-ness!

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kara said...

i love the Nancy pictures! hysterical! and also the oh so fancy librarians. that made me happy.