Saturday, October 23, 2004

Today's Most Important Entry

Happy Birthday Baby Chachi!!!
Your mother called me today with the news that you are finally "on the outside". Just yesterday, she said that she was convinced that you would live inside her forever and that every year your family would gather round her vast, Bunyanesque belly and celebrate your due date for you might never show up.
But here you are, two feet long and ten pounds big. Don't tell your brother and sisters, but you are the one that is supposed to take care of me in my old age. It's true, Miss Educat had a dark dark spinster moment one night and talked to your mommy on the phone fearing the reality of dying alone. I wondered if I never had children, who would bathe me or at least make sure the people at the home weren't stealing my books?? She assured me that your brother and sisters would see that my food would not be poisoned and bedsores kept at bay. The very next week, she told me you were coming. Since you are a boy, I will spare you the grossness of actually bathing me yourself but please, find a home that doesn't smell so bad.
I am leaving town Sunday and won't get to actually meet you until I come home, but I am so excited to finally meet you---all ten pounds of you! Don't grow or do anything cute til I can get there, my sweet gigantor boy.
PS Even through your daddy hates it, I do plan do secretly call you Chiz-arlie sometimes.

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