Saturday, October 23, 2004

Thanks, Internet.

I don't remember why I started blogging. It seems like some of my kids had talked about blogs and it just seemed interesting. I imagined myself pontificating on deep thoughts in educational theory. I would quote vital educational journals! People would quote me in inservices! I would turn the world on with my smile!!!

In reality, I have done very little of that.

Here is what I did get...
  • I have me a mighty fine blogroll over there. I have daily reading that challenges. Not bad for stuff that only takes about 5 min on average. While I can't always offer the insightful commentary I would like to, I groove on the thought.
  • An outlet. Once I can articulate my ideas, it feels so good to type away.
  • Community! Reading Marty today made me realize how much this little blog loop o' mine shares the experience of each other's posts.

Yeah, there is more, but I can't pull it all together right now.

This blog became educat in response to some very ugly statements. My friend Jill heard the term used on some KQCV...thing ( I nearly spit the word thing as I want to be far more inarticulate). I have listened to just enough Phyllis Schlafley to be nautious and I suppose the implication is that anyone who looks outside of her world enough to teach another family's child must have some sort of agenda.

So she called me up and asked if she could call me educrat. I invited her to do so. As we laughed and remembered the Aristocats, I chose to embrace the label.

I think I need to use the word educrat more so that "Government School" haters will find me being silly when they search, kind of like Greg uses Joel Osteen.

There you are. It's happened for a year and although it has evolved, I am better for it.

Thank you, Internet.

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