Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This Makes You Want A List Too...Eh?

So I'm posting my haiku from the training in Dallas to the blog (that will be the only plug for haiku blogging in this entry, so do not ignore it) when a message pops up on my gmail notify "Check my blog. Really. Just do it.". I follow Karina's blog Bat-signal for not only the first full entry in the 95 Thesis Blog Entry Festival, but some danged funny stuff! You just better go read!! Seriously, these are people who got rid of cable and can't watch The Daily Show and they are This. Dead. On!!!

Later, my adventures in Dallas (with video posted to the web if you are willing to follow a few links) and a comparison of Y culture to the one in which I really live.

Go read Karina. She lives on my sidebar and here as well.

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Anonymous said...

visiting dallas
where i live and write haiku
you have not called