Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I know I just did a bullet-y list, but somehow I seem to be incapable of thinking in prose lately.

  • I have a new blog crush (thank you, McCarty's for this hep new term). Read if you will dooce. Thanks to college friend Karyn, I love creepy Utah culture stories. She has lots. Plus her design is the sort of thing I would want if I could ever figure out how to install these templates. It's hard! It's hard hard work (laugh at my favorite joke from the first Presidential debate)!! So anyhow, Dooce is cool. Read.
  • You know, I thought I knew nerd before now. I thought it was bad enough to carry e books on my palm and read them while waiting for anything. I thought it was bad to switch to a bigger purse just to carry a book. I thought it was nerdy to think this would be the coolest thing to own, but now I have reached the apex. Now, I keep a crochet project in my purse and am working on a scarf! I found an old hippie type crochet book in my school library and am awash with ideas! I have discovered hip yarn and am teaching myself as I go. Please place your orders for bed dolls now (blegh! My Great Grandmother used to make these).
  • Geez! Only two bullets!? Sorry, that's it for now.

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greg said...

Good God, she's hot! I too have a blog crush now, but it's of the more lascivious type.