Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Monkeys Get Another Day Off!

I have a running conversation with a fellow teacher from the Tulsa area that goes something like this:
"We're vertically aligning (someday I will make an online education-ese glossary to link to in these moments. Vertical alignment:arranging curriculum so that what is taught in the lower grades feeds into the higher. Do state standards to this? Umm, yeah. Why then do we train for this? Dunno.) this year"
"Yeah, we did that a coupla years ago, this year we're mapping it"
"Mapping?" (I don't know that my friend really asked this, but it keeps me from awkwardly placing a definition)
"Mapping ensures that all of us are getting to the same objectives at the same time. That way, we are Disney-like and homogeneous"
"Soon they'll hand us a script"
"Yep, and then in a coupla years..."
We usually say this part together
"Trained Monkeys"
All that to say, it seems that Stillwater schools don't have to release the monkeys for a while.

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