Thursday, September 16, 2004

Quick, Someone Abuse An Animal So Channel 4 Will Leave Us Alone!

Please keep a young lady from my school in your prayers. She is claiming that she was sexually assaulted at my school today, the news whores have jumped all over it but her story does not wash.

She claims to have been knocked out in a ladies' room and left for 45 min (near the cafeteria at lunch...surely someone would have walked in and she was examined at school, no bumps were found on her head). My gut says this young lady is pregnant and scared. Whether or not her story is true, she is in need of our concern.

If you are in OKC and have heard this story, thanks for your thoughts. We have worked so hard at school this year to get out the good news and this undoes any of the good press. We work hard, our school is safe.

This has worn me slick and we have a special early morning faculty meeting. I have a nasty day ahead.

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