Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Meff is deaff (but it can hear you)

Today was meth awareness training at the Bar Assoc. The training was primarily for attorneys and I was the only teacher there. Some really funny stuff that I documented entirely in haiku (how HAS this started!? And can I stop!!?? How often do I find myself counting syllables?). There was a piece of info, however, that defies haiku. I am not sure how it applied (be aware that relevance or speaking skills are not a prerequisite to the practice of law) but this made me swear to go home and google.

This was not, repeat NOT in Oklahoma.

Will I talk with you all before I leave for this on Friday? Not sure, but I will try to blog on the road.

For today's shameless use of my pseudo-platform, I need your help. Constitutional scholar/folk singer Karina has talked for some time of starting a blog. Some of you might know her as 1/3 of the all haiku all the time blog (I'm gonna link to it once more within this post because I really do think it's funny stuff. Please comment there. It need not be in verse.). Zillions of points and a rose rock here to anyone who encourages her to join the blogging masses.


greg said...

I love meth, but I'm from Oklahoma.

educat said...

Yes, Oklahomans loves they meth!

Greg, the pseudo-ephedrine flows like water here in Boston, let me know if I need to score you a case.