Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Beware the McAlister Orange

I was feeling sooo up.

I took myself on a road trip today to Noble, America. I leave for Boston this Friday and wanted to pick up some rose rocks as an Okie momento for all my new Yankee friends.

Driving home, my head was spinning with all these analogies of Oklahoma as an optimistic place. How out of our native red clay mixed with the tears of the Native American comes the beautiful rose rock! How OKC is a place where if you drive down Toby Keith Blvd long enough, you will eventually find yourself on Martin Luther King! How people rebuild homes in Moore despite those terrible twisters! Laugh if you must, but the BBC News Hour had failed to catch my ever waning attention today.

So I am full of sunny thoughts, full of possibility, then mimi smartypants links to this.

Crap agnes. I am giving out a bunch of dumb rocks next week.

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greg said...

I should think that the fact that Toby Keith Blvd. even exists should be reason for lamenting.