Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Prophet is Never Known in Her Hometown

I am truly truly a staff development whore (This is documented in the Studio 575 blog. If you click this link, you will double our readership!). This week finds me at the UCO (I call it Uck-oh) in a plodding tech workshop. My sarcasm is lost lost lost here and so I will speak to you, dearest reader.

-I created a mouse over message on a link to the UCO page that said "It's cheap and close and they crank out teachers". No one laughed
-When I had to place a pic on a webpage, I nabbed one of Princess Diana with the caption "Ms. Educat relaxes in her favorite tiara". No one laughed.

You know, this seems to be a theme for this week. Last week, I was among my tribe:Witty, literate folk who giggled at my every word. This week is elementary teachers. Last week, haiku dripped from our syllable counting fingers. This week, our all haiku blog is Brady, Karina and I (still a party, but no late night chat in room 216). I see Jill and De-Lovely this Friday for a belated birthday bash and I just hope to have some humor to offer.

There is more, but I should probably find clip art of a wooden apple or some crap.

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