Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Great Reason for Power Point in Worship!!

Read about this! I just heard about this on PBS, and had to dig for an article to tell the whole story.

It seems that the Utah concealed weapon laws place requirements on all churches who wish that congregants not pack heat in worship. Churches who do not want guns in their buildings must either post a ban (on the Power Point, right before the choruses) or register with the state. Geez.

You know, I have to set down enough baggage to get myself into a church. I really really really don't want to think that someone worshipping with me might be packing. I guess I am wondering which is sadder, that we live in a society that would think about such things or my own aforementioned baggage.

Comment, extra points if it's in haiku. 


Karina. said...

Look at it this way:
Least likely place of gun use
May be in the church?

You jump off the cliff,
Make bigger leaps of faith, with
Wackos on the street.


Anonymous said...

We don't need power-point,
We are the churches of christ
We dont have horns either

I hate haiku


educat said...

I thought c of C had power's just that they're silent.

*rim shot*

Haiku Master said...

Keaton of the pen,
says he hates the haiku...
yet comments in verse.