Friday, June 11, 2004

Summertime and...Something

"What on earth are you doing with yourself these days, Educat? What does a teacher do with herself on summer break with ALL THAT TIME!?"

I have yet to go into the hydroponic tank.

Here are my hot tips for beginning a long vacation---

1. Don't have a retail job. The June sale at the Bath and Body has hollowed out what used to be a human about me. I have seen the depths of humanity and she wants cheap lotion. After only one day off the store since I finished school, I uttered my first smart alec comment today. "We have subtle marketing throughout the store to indicate prices" (go here for an idea of why this was funny). Also, I have to wear an apron with the words "The Big Semi Annual Sale". Man, I don't ever wanna wear clothes with the word "BIG" on 'em.

2. Just because you are on vacation, continue to suck up to your IT department. I attended the "How to get the internet on your laptop class" (nevermind that my laptop is in for repairs and I have been on the internet since November, I had to go). The head techno-troll looked at me skeptically and said "You dropped this, didn't you?". No!! No, no, a thousand times no!!! It seems I might be on my desktop, locky lockerson, for the next little while.

3. Never get a haircut after a sweaty retail shift. I did this yesterday, and I swear to you, I have a mullet. All I said was "I sure would like something with more shape". My stylist knows my inability to wield a round brush (the weapon of choice for all the blow dried) but when I gave my new head the old college try, I still think I looked like Richard Marx.

I plan to read and movie up next week for more interesting entries. Look forward to that and the true story of the first time I gave the ACT.

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kara said...

Hey Jen... just so you know. i still do hair, like in that professional way. now i know i am all the way down in Shawpton... but come on now....sometimes living mullet free comes with a price. and maybe that price is driving a little ways for a super cheap haircut and good conversation with an old friend. ;) p.s. i think i'm going ot have a sign made to hang on my mirror that says: no mullets allowed!