Sunday, June 06, 2004

End Of The Stories

I can't believe I waited this long to tell the story of the kid who wore a Girl Scout uniform to school on Friday!

He came to my first hour late wearing a skirt (yes, a skirt), blouse, Girl Scout sash, and a trucker hat.

So I asked him to take off the trucker hat. What, I'm going to ask him to take off the skirt?

He has to finish his final for me so I take him to the library and tell the ladies there that this student has to finish his test taking badge and could they help?

They did so and I sent my teacher friend who has been a troupe leader forever to ask him about what he does with his troupe.

When he came back to class, we all asked him to join us only if he was selling cookies.

Record day is tomorrow and I hate to think the good stories will end for the summer!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer--check out this blog. "Big-boned and low-energy hipster crying out for help since 1967." Good stuff.

Is the book going to be a blog topic?


Anonymous said...

Is there a "why" in here anywhere or was it just a random wardrobe choice?--greg

educat said...

Answers for all---

Greg, I got no reasons for the Girl Scout Uniform. I don't think it's a cross dressing thing as much as a ploy for attention. He knows no one will suspend him the last day of school...I dunno.

Nancy, the story of the book has lots of back story, here is a summary: The library got the Sari Locker advice book, but it was a bit too racy for our shelves (she does sex advice for Teen People). Knowing my present state of solitude or perhaps just my biting humor, Nancy gave it to me with commentary and "good parts" marked. I returned the favor with my own commentary and returned it to be passed on. Now it has become a slam book for grown women. Let me know if you want on the borrowing list.