Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Whatchoo Bloggin' 'Bout, Willis??

I have noticed a pattern with my bloggery. I blog like a madwoman over the weekend and am mostly silent during the week (those of you who see me during the week and are having trouble with the word "silent", I mean only here.). I think school is really consuming me right now. The last month is always the hardest and I will admit that this week is the first time I have allowed myself to look at Nancy's post it note countdown of days.

That said, this will be all over the map. Enjoy the ride on my mood swing.

So the college kids are finishing their finals. One of my favorites came to see me at school today looking so serene and gorgeous (It occurs to me that I have noticed the beauty of my students after I am away from them for a while. There's a lesson, go away and I will think you are gorgeous.). She has her life under control and is full of promise, but shocked me with her perspective of high school. I asked her if she saw the other West kids at OU and she commented that they were all doing well. "But then, they were STUCO kids and that's your foot in the door of most of the important stuff.". Wow. Does Lisa see herself differently from those kids? From my vantage point, the world is hers. Isn't it weird what perspective will do?

I have wasted a lot of worry on my last big project of the school year. I have dreamed all week about rebracketing debate while kids wait for rounds, my hair falling out (I don't know either), and all sorts of horrors. I have spent this evening refusing to work on anything but have tapped into my endless arsenal of Bath and Body products. I am propped up, washed, conditioned, masked (masqued?) and aromatherapy-ed within an inch of my life and hoping the bags under my eyes go away. After this week, I just have to teach and by then Nancy's countdown will be in the teens.

See why I don't blog during the week?

Back later with funny links for the week.

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