Wednesday, May 05, 2004

There Are Those Who Will Call This Entry...Tim

As you can tell from the last entry, I am a wee bit stressed and morose this week. I have found that the easiest thing to lift my mood during the day is the midday email. Emails I get from 11:30 am-3pm don't even have to be funny. They receive unconditional love from me.

A college friend of mine emailed midday this week to let me know about Loretta Lynn's new album. She knows of my cult like devotion to Coal Miner's Daughter and wanted to pass on the tip. After enjoying a bit of it on the NPR, I can heartily recommend. Amber and I give it a 3 kid born before the age of 21 rating (this is out of 5, but I think Loretta had Patsy and Peggy after 21)!

Recommended link from the PCW Library: Enjoy the Lipstick Librarian! Her grooming tips are unparalleled and quite tempting for those of us who spend our days among office supplies.

Lastly, I will one more time urge you to support Kinky Friedman in his Texas Gubernatorial bid. I am having a sort of Kinky renaissance (but please don't ever attach those words to me...kinky renaissance) and have been seen singing loudly in my car to They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore.

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