Thursday, May 27, 2004

Clowny Clown Clown Clown

Anyone besides Jill who remembers this entry's title as the name of a Crispin Glover album is my new pop culture hero. Bonus if you know of his infamous prank on Late Night with David Letterman in the 1980's.

Just started thinking today what my blogging nightmare would be.

Anyone else familiar with Peggy Hill's "Musings" column in King of the Hill? Sometimes I wonder if my blog sounds a bit like that...

- "Credit where credit is due" is not just a phrase for bankers and lawyers.
- My husband's affair with beer, and why I'm not jealous.
- If you like knitting, you'll love this yarn.
- When it comes to tea cozies, it's either crochet or the highway.
- Napkin rings, those useful things.
- Autumn: love it or leaf it.
- The sauce thickens.

This, dear reader, lest you are confused, is from Peggy's column and not my blog.

Today it all came undone on an impromptu dinner date with Jill. So frustrated with the present state of student attitudes, I found myself crying out, "Yep, I make it ALL fun!! I am the clowny teacher!! Clowny town circus teacher!!!"

Man, time for me to take off the red nose and go to bed.

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kara said...

but do you think that maybe next time i see you... you could have the red nose with you? b/c personally i would love to see that!