Sunday, May 30, 2004

Blog Entry Title Goes Here, Wish I Had One

I might have to blog all the events of yesterday in bits and pieces. Will list it all in brief and get back to it as I can.

  • Saw Cotton Patch Gospel at the City Rep theatre yesterday. They use a tiny space in the basement of the Civic Center, it seats about 75. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed a show so much! The whole thing was played with such obvious joy in their work and the material that you just couldn't help but give yourself over. I have known this show for years and had high expectations--they were mostly met and even occasionally exceeded. It's been nearly 8 years since I have gone to the theatre and wished I were working onstage again, but those feelings came back yesterday for me. Wish I could tell you to go, but it closes this weekend. Check out their season, though, seems to be a good company.

  • The story of Cotton Patch Gospel brought me big food for thought. I mentioned knowing the show earlier. My family caught it on basic cable sometime when I was in HS or College. It's a reworking of the Cotton Patch Gospel, written by Dr. Clarence Jordan (who started the Koinonia project and farm)during the Civil Rights era. Harry Chapin wrote the music (which is how it was discovered by my folksy dad). I am trying to flesh out all my thoughts here, it's difficult to tie all these ideas together. I am swimming in the legacy I know of Harry Chapin (one man can make a difference, world hunger can be eradicated if we are willing to sacrifice) and the impression I am only now gathering of Clarence Jordan. I wonder what Chapin's intention was with the work, is it meant to be subvert the church we know today(or that Chapin knew 20 something years ago)? What does that mean for me? I wish I articulated all of this as well as some of you all do, be patient with me.

  • Spent time after the show with visiting relatives and met my 16 month old second cousin ,Joey, for the first time. My aunt (Joey's grandma) has temporary legal custody of him. It hurts hurts hurts me so see this incredible happy boy who doesn't even know the enormity of what he has endured already. It angers me to see how lightly my cousin and his new wife take parenthood. I got a half joking offer to travel with my aunt and uncle to Kansas and nanny for the summer--I almost wish I could. We have a gorgeous hunk of babyhood in this kid.

  • That's the state of my head today.

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