Thursday, March 25, 2004

"You look good, principessa!"

-------"Bon giorno, bitch!"--------

Yeah, I am launching into today's entry with extreme language but 1. It is kind of quoted material and B. I am that upset about something. I know the gentleman passing me as I got out of my car at 89th and Western this evening is not a reader of this blog, but indulge me please.

I was all silly in my mind this evening, driving barefoot with the sunroof daydreaming about a trip some friends and I are planning---Italy in 2007, take 30 students and we go free! I am picturing wandering around in a big floppy hat a la Sophia Loren and I get out of my car to hear "Hey baby!!!". I turn out of reflex (which proves I am daydreaming because I never do that) and I get another earful of this guy's crap.

Ok, guy, I am unimpressed. Yelling at me from your moving car does not make me love you. It does not make me lustful for you. It makes me want to go away from you. Furthermore, you have ruined my Italy trip daydreams. If you want to impress me, read a book and make me laugh. You are not cute to me when you shout from a moving car.

This is not even the entry I wanted to write tonight. I am giving up most of my original plan. What follows are the bits I could salvage after the trauma of a man leering at me.

Evidently, the Blogger ads have been a blessing in some small way. Read what Greg wrote after clicking on one of these ads.

We are doing some reading from The Inferno in Humanities tomorrow. It should take me back to the Dante readings of old. Good stuff.

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