Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In Which The Teacher Finds Comic Solace In Basic Cable

In the alternative universe where I can be a high school teacher and a stand up comic, I would be like Kathy Griffin. In fact, I wonder if she is stealing my stuff. Am presently watching The D List on Bravo and let me just say you should thank your lucky starts that Bravo never plays anything less than 50 times (do yourself a favor and check the listings).

This was going to be a paragraph about which of my stuff Kathy Griffin has stolen, but I could only think of a couple and one of those (the superfluous article) is actually my dad's. The only thing worth mentioning is that like Kathy Griffin, I would also shamelessly do Hollywood Squares or Celebrity Mole and it would be so compelling that even LeAnn would watch.

For my cable-less brethren and sistern, please, let me be your eyes. I shall tape it.

Several quick news items, Keaton is stealing my stuff for today's daily update features the phrase "Crap Agnes", Karyn ran across an Orrin Hatch CD (this will be the only thing the Blogger Ad Gnome will pick up) in a Salt Lake City thrift store and she tells me it is on the way. Lastly, Nancy, you may be out of the building tomorrow, but who missed faculty meeting today!?!?

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