Friday, February 27, 2004

Diet Coke with what price?

GFF Grocery has lived up to the exclamation of my sister "Great Freakin Food!". I finally found those 8 oz shot cans of Diet Coke with Lime after visiting two other stores this afternoon. Thrilled with my good fortune, I decide to peruse thier video dept (is calling it a "video" section as outdated as a "record store"?). As I peruse, I am approached by a 30-ish working class guy (not approached, he just walks up)

guy: "How you doin'?"

quirkyalone me: "Doin well, thanks."

him: "What movies come out lately that'r good?"

me: "How long has it been since you've looked at movies?"

he of the early self disclosure: "Well, I just got out of prison, so..."

finally making eye contact: "You have not seen movies in a while, have you? What kind of movie do you like?"

*note that I am aware I will have no recommendations for this man but if he needs to connect with a bookish girl in the GFF so be it.*

him: "Oh, action, action." (picking up a DVD) "You like 'at Matchstick Men?"

me: "Erumph, well, Nicholas Cage..."

My dad later commented, "You laugh at The GFF, but you got what you wanted...and maybe a little more!"

Why didn't I have these when I spent my 4th Valentine's Day in a row with teenagers at a conference?

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