Monday, August 13, 2007

Still "The Advocate" After All These Years

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I first took this test as a part of my first teaching inverview fourteen years ago. It's funny, I do think I've become more introverted, but here I am with the same profile.

It's cool to share this type with Andy Kaufman, Bob Dylan, Will Rogers, Martin Short and Lewis Grizzard. However, it's also creepy to share one with Urkel from Family Matters, Balki from Perfect Strangers, James Dobson from a very creepy place, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Thanks, Jim.


Jim said...

At least all your creepy characters are fictional. James Dobson in particular usually makes me say things like, "unreal!"

hipteacher said...

hey, we're pretty similar on the personality type front. i like the multiple intelligences one too. thanks!

educat said...

Wow, hipteacher, our scores are pretty similar! I hereby place you on the cool side of my enfp list. You're doing your part to balance Dobson.

I'd be curious to hear results to anyone else who is still reading...