Monday, January 19, 2009

A Waste Of Tea, But A Huge Relief

Got back yesterday from our school's annual leadership retreat. We took 55 great kids and spent about two days talking about being the best we could be and turning our school around.

What did I get from this? Besides strengthening relationships with some students, I learned the latest in goofy teen boy tricks.

I walked into the room to meet with my small group Saturday morning just in time to hear one of them announce,
"Dude, I'm so mad at that one kid. He totally teabagged me last night"

Don't comment here asking me what that is. You're on a computer, so you'll have to look it up yourself. If it's enough for you to know that it's a sex act, then now you know that.

I'm standing there frozen and a bit torn about what to do. Should I trust that the conversation will end soon? Just move on with our agenda? Anything else will let on that I know what they're talking about...
"Yeah, we totally got this other kid and he didn't even know. He was asleep!"

Oh sweet crap. I hate this...
"I'm gonna get him back though. I got these this morning"

...and the kid produces two tea bags from his backpack. Evidently, the fad is to actually place wet teabags on unsuspecting friends.

Whatever you kids are calling it these days.


Debor said...

And this is why our job never gets boring! LOL

sexy said...