Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Melting

We're in the teacher's parking lot after school yesterday and the ice has been falling since about 10am. We already know there's no school the next day and so we're toting extra work to our cars and wanting to get home as soon as we can.

There are times that I just unashamedly love my job and my co workers and this moment was one. Two or three of the men are walking around with their big scrapers, helping the ladies get their cars clean and a couple of us who happened to have de-icer handy shuffled around spraying it on other cars. Everyone's mood was light while concerned that everyone will arrive safely at home.

It might be a strange thing to find so much grace in such a small thing, but I slid home last night a bit warmer than I would have been.


Debor said...

The people we work with our like our family, aren't they? We have shared births, marriages, divorces, illnesses, graduations, deaths.

My "family" made Christmas happen for my children one year after my divorce. Santa just left money in an envelope on my desk.

We both work with good family.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Hey, girl, I love your new avatar. You're so Obama-like-- especially since you live in the only. blasted. state. (The only one! We're number one!)

in. which. ever. single. county. went. for. McSame!

I watch from my exile with amazement!

Adam said...

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

What?? Are you so busy twittering that ya can't drop a line at the ol' blog ever' now and then????????

And the word verification is the maiden name of the female lead in the Neil Diamond version of the Jazz Singer. 'Pon my honor....

"Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise...."

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Damn, girl, Where are you?????

Mister Teacher said...

I'll second that, or third that, or whatever. Where did you go??

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