Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitting And The Single Woman

...or How I Ended Up With A Phone Sock

Once I realized that this fetching sock was too large for my sister's ipod, I was left to find another use for this beauty. It was still on the needles at the time and when my spirit club co sponsor noticed it, I told him I was experimenting with ipod socks.

My ulterior motive, of course, was to feel him out to see if he'd want it...

I need to stop and talk about my spirit club co sponsor. He is perfect. My love for him is deep and pure and platonic (because, seriously, he's about nine years old or something...). He is perfect for our silly club and he loves hand knits. When I gave him a hat, he went right inside to look at the striping and commented on how much he loved the inside. What!?

Comment sometime on the beauty of the wrong side of a hand knit. It's how to love a knitter.

So I was all ready to wrap this chunk of yarn and glory for my buddy until he said, "I really want an ipod sock, my wife promised to make me a felt one, but that hasn't happened yet."

Dang. Is it a strange moral line in the sand that I won't make this man something his wife promised him? I've met his wife and love her, I'd amputate my hand before I'd offend her.

So I'm left to use this sock on my phone. It might be where it should be. Could anyone else really appreciate this perfect graft at the bottom? I doubt it.

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