Monday, October 13, 2008

Shut Up, I've Earned This

End of the Nine Weeks+Mojito=Fun for you, the at home reader!

No one believes grades are real until the end of the quarter. No one understood their outside reading assignments (despite our bi-monthly library trips and repeated explanation with handout) until the end of the quarter. No one!!! How DARE I!?!??! And it's worth pointing out that a SENIOR who is somehow taking Sophomore English wanted me to take seriously her reading of "High School Musical, The Junior Novel", and allow me to count it for ten percent of her grade.


I spent a better part of the day logged in to our new assessment system (Have you experienced these things? You upload your exam, they print a scantron for the test, and you send those in via scanner and get kick-ass data? I'm in lurv.) and at the end of this long, wretched, day, I realize that I've been ignoring the question of my new assessment system...

What Would You Like To Do Today?

Now, none of the options were really honest for me. I wonder if perhaps I could get a button on the site that said "Leave now and go home to knit" or perhaps, "Tell the children exactly what I'm thinking" or best of all, "Feed children to the wolverines".

Their options were just ridiculous. "Manage classes". Yeah, manage my butt. You get over here and manage these bitter nasty children with a button.

It's all messed with my head to the point that when describing the free gift from the local "take and bake" pizza place, I could only think of "Father Murphy" instead of "Papa Murphy", so I keep think of Merlin Olson bringing a pizza with a tickle me bouquet.

Did I mention that I'm out Thursday and Friday? Ha!!


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Yeah? Well I "gots" (I swear this is how he says it) a kid who would expect reading points for WATCHING HSM on the Disney Channel.

I've got a kid whose mom is a teacher in my school, who, when I told her that he turned in a blank quiz even thought THREE ANSWERS WERE ON THE BOARD said, "That's it, he's not going on our trip...." but guess who just gave me a note from mom saying he'll be gone three days out of school for a family trip?

I wanna mojito too. Mail me one, please.....

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Enjoy your Thursday and Friday. Let someone else manage those bitter, nasty children!