Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Sort Of Thing I Never Thought I'd Say

Dear Spirit Club Children,

Last night, some of your friends stayed home. They didn't wear school colors and go to anyone's football game. They sat in the cafeteria during the pep assembly and they bragged in their classes how "they were gonna laugh when y'all lose".

They don't see themselves as part of the group who lost last night so they're not. As a result, they weren't hurt. They didn't have to face the wealthy school from up the road with the great big band and the great big boys playing football. They weren't embarassed at all. They lost nothing.

You know what else they didn't get? They didn't laugh at the picnic tables in front of the drive in. They didn't laugh at the prank with the other team's mascot that they almost pulled on me. They didn't fall down laughing after running the flags, they didn't paint up their faces and the college kids who came back to watch the game didn't thank them for starting so many traditions.

But those kids who sat at home didn't lose a thing, either.

Let's do this again next week.

Ms Educat

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Sarah Cannon said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm not good at saying this sort of thing either, but it's an important message for my students to hear.