Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To Love A Knitter

I've been knitting in public quite a bit lately. It's just felt right. I can lead a class discussion or read aloud or whatever while doing a mindless 2x2 rib on a beanie. I can even hang a bag on my wrist and walk up and down the aisles of my room. I'm presently driven by the joy I'm getting from seeing a kid wear my hats at football games. I've even tried one with earflaps, and it worked! It's adorable!

The joy and zen I get from knitting, however, is wearing thin, and it's becoming awkward.

Please, my non knitting friends, when you see someone knitting, please refrain from asking if the knitter will make you something. It's only going to make things difficult. See, if I tell you yes, I have to tell everyone yes (because despite what you might think about our relationship, you're awesome but not special). If I have to knit for zillions of people, it's not fun anymore.

You can't pay me, either. Because, really, you'd feel gipped. The earflap hat took me about eight hours to knit. It's one of the quickest I've ever done. Now, how much is my time worth? Because I don't have much of it. If I even charge you $5 an hour (I made more than that for selling lotion and I'm a better knitter than I was a salesperson), you're paying $40 in labor. So really, $40 for a beanie?

Don't ask your friend who knits, please. If you stay quiet and respectful, maybe your knitting friend will appreciate your closed piehole enough to knit you something.

ps--I've dealt with this in my classes by telling my students that if 100% of them passed their State test, I'd knit each of them a cap. Let me know if you're interested in helping me make good on this promise. I'm not above help...

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Sarah Cannon said...

I'm impressed that you knit in class at all. I was fine knitting when I took classes, but not so much with the teaching and knitting.

And in the cost breakdown you didn't even list how expensive yarn can get....