Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dispatches From My Day

This is all in one real day, friends. If anything, I've cleaned it up for you.

1. (at the sound of rain outside) "Oh, it sounds so peaceful. I want to wear a white dress." (???)

2. Me: "A good example of personification would be something like 'sorrow knocked at my door'. We all know sorrow doesn't have hands, it can't really knock."

Kid: "What if somebody name be sorrow?"

3. My Special Ed co teacher left Friday to have a knee replacement. She'll be out the rest of the year.

Kid: "Where Mrs. Uhhh" (you might ask how I know he meant co teacher and not me. Easy. I'm Ms Uhhh, she's Mrs Uhh.)

Me: "Remember, she's out having surgery. She's having a knee replacement."

Kid: "Mang! She gone get someone else's knee? Who give her a knee?"

Me: "No, she's not getting a knee transplant. She's getting a plastic knee so she can move better."

Kid: "Mang! She must make BANK if she gone buy a whole new knee!"


IMC Guy said...

All you can do is laugh and think about how you wouldn't get these comment at just any job! Keep sharing those.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I like how you get the pronunciation jeeeest right.

Crib Chick said...

Thanks for reminding me how cool "Mang!" sounds.

I'll have to work that one into my repetoire.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Oh, how I needed to laugh today--and you supplied it. Thank you!!!

Sarah said...

"What if somebody name be sorrow?"

It can happen. Apparently the parents around here are big proponents of the "take a regular word and name your kid that" school of child naming.

I can understand Chastity, that's a goal I'd have for my kid. But why, oh why, would they name their (female) child Passion? I ask you. We've had two this year so far, leading me to believe it's more common than I'd think.

Love the blog. Just got caught up to present day, so I can start commenting! You have renewed my desire to make things with fluffy yarn...maybe over the summer.

Crib Chick said...

"What if somebody name be sorrow?"

That sort of brought to mind the early American Separatists, that gave kids names like Resolve, etc.

Yeah...Passion is definitely the other side of that coin, I guess. I kinda like the sound of Frivolity, too. ;o)

educat said...

Trust me, only a person who made all the children she teaches can "like the sound of Frivolity".

Remind me to tell you one day of another student of mine: Willful Disobedience.

sexy said...