Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soon!! I Promise!!!

I promise to be back for real soon. The gone-ness is nearly over (especially since I just ordered myself a shwank new Dell complete with an educrat discount!!).

Meanwhile, read Mme. Crib's account of our day o' culture last Saturday and if you're in the OC, go and enjoy the Paris 1900 exhibit while you can. Of course, you won't get to make cool hats like we did, but the art really is enough.

Le Chick mentions that both of us as fully grown adults sported paper hats as we strolled about the museum and while that's funny to picture, it's funnier still to see the making of the hats.

Here I am with my "hat prisoner" right before I proposed that she strip down to her undies and make a pyramid.
I kid.
and no, we didn't realize that this would look like that photo. We are patently anti-torture.


trish said...

Hey great to see you keeping things under control in the class!! I miss you. Wish we could have a smith college campus reunion!


Too much sunshine may give your shoulder cancer.

sexy said...