Sunday, December 16, 2007

As We End The Year Of The Sweater...

I am still without a handmade sweater. In my defense, socks got in the way and I found them a worthy challenge. However, I had nearly forgotten my promise to the entire internet that I'd finish a handmade sweater in 2007.

It's not gonna happen.

But I found the one I will do!! And my project slate is fairly clean save one scarf that I'm throwing together for a friend at Christmas (don't get any ideas, anyone, she's not a blog reader).

This little lovely covers all my bases. Can be done in Cotton-Ease, available in sizes for larger Americans, not boring (take a look at the picot bind off! and cables! and exotic increase/decreases!), able to be layered and multi-season.

I have consulted a knitting professional regarding said increase/decreases and she offers some good help. I'm open to more. I'm also mulling over the color possibilities.

*Cat not included. Really, I'm a 36 year old single English teacher who knits. Let's not have me fulfill every stereotype all at once.


Rebecca Haden said...

Good for you! Recommitting to last year's goal is as good as having done it. If you have any problems, come over to, and ask. I will help you.

Mister Teacher said...

Is that you in the picture?
Nice figure!!! ;)