Monday, November 12, 2007

If You Could Read My Mind, Love

Today, the familiar urgency to blog struck me. It's been too long since the feeling hit, so here's a bunch of stuff...

Third Hour Celebutante

ParisBritanyLindsay was checked out by a parent at the beginning of class. Toward the end, she returned with the announcement, "I totally just took a bubble bath at home!". When I questioned her, she explained that since she forgot her lunch money, she was checked out (after lunch, during class) to go home and eat.

And take a bubble bath.

If I am ever called to testify before the Legislature about accountability, I shall tell this tale.

Lawd Have MRSA!

Normally when I am on hall duty and catch students amorously embraced in the throes of passion, I just yell, "Ewwww!!".

Today, with a nod to current events, I shouted, "Aaah! Staph!!! You'll get staph and die from that much contact!!!"

When the young lady (a kid I knew only from the hall) in question untangled and composed herself, she asked me seriously, "Do you think if I asked the counselor, she'd put me in your English class? I really want you for English."

For A Serious Moment

For a limited time, you have the chance to give a great gift. The XO low cost laptop is finally available (I remember hearing about it as early as 2003). If you purchase one before November 26th, you get the laptop and another is given in your name to a child in a developing country. You also get free hotspot access for a year and can deduct part of the cost on your taxes. Quite a deal.

...And Lastly...

If I spend my Spring Break doing this, will you petition to get it on television?


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Re: Lawd have MRSA!

Dang, don't you just want to run down to the counselor ahead of her and beg to have her????

That's what I would do. Yep.

And regarding the po li'l celeBritney:
I'd pay for that myself! That girl just cain't get outta the trailer park.....

IMC Guy said...

I'd watch your show - even if it's not on TV, there's always YouTube or a video podcast.