Monday, November 26, 2007

Because What Would A Holiday Be Without Stories Like This, Part One

Story 1--
My small family (mother, sister, and maternal granny) was gathered around the table about to enjoy our Thanksgiving bounty. We'd all bowed our heads to (as my Granny would say) "turn thanks". Mother was leading...
...and God, thank you for the rest of our family and bless them wherever
they are. Especially Goofboy (my cousin who is serving right now in Afghanistan)
who is so far away...
Granny interrupts--yes--interrupts our sweet hour of prayer
He's home!!!!!

Mom, ever smoove, goes back into prayer,
Thank you, God, for bringing Goofboy home for a while...
Granny again
Yep!!! Home last Thursday for two weeks!!!!

I wish I'd thought about how funny it would be to interject our prayer of Thanksgiving with a few other personal tidbits, but it's probably better that I didn't. Mom finished her prayer quickly and tersely so as not to give Granny another window.



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