Saturday, July 07, 2007

Eight Years Later, Eight Things

Long, long, ago, Mister Teacher tagged me with a meme wherein I share eight random things about myself. However, his was the very last email I saw before I left to embark upon an eighteen hour bus ride with twenty four of my favorite teens to spend a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

So now you get eight facts. Now, when I am twelve hours of sleep and two showers past said bus trip.


1. I used to be scared of Morgan Freeman. Not Driving Miss Daisy Morgan Freeman, but The Electric Company Dracula Morgan Freeman. I'm just posted an example from YouTube. Watch it and know my terror.

I used to dream that I was sitting around my family's kitchen table wearing the witch costume my mom made me for Halloween. I was catching up with some other witches (yeah, catching up. I have no idea what we were discussing) when Morgan Freeman walked in and proclaimed that I wasn't a real witch, and that I was wearing a costume! And then he'd chase me!!! Terror!!! This nightmare finally ended for me during second grade or so.

2. I was a very weird kid and my television watching should have been limited.

3. I think I am becoming more introverted. Not only do I choose to be alone often, I am not as outgoing as I used to be--I am usually the last to approach someone with a greeting.

4. In HS, I had the all time record for Thespian Points and the last time I checked, it hadn't been broken.

5. While I am a pedicure junkie, my fingernails are kept short and polish-less. Every time I clip my fingernails, I remember how my piano teacher would send me to her front porch to clip my nails before I could have my lesson.

6. I cannot play the piano, but did have lovely long nails as a young teen.

7. Few things get under my skin like the use of the (fake and incorrect and very much NOT REAL) word, anyways. I will immediately think a bit less of anyone who uses it. Ditto for the word addicting for addicted. I respect Grammar Girl's stand that it's a matter of word choice, but my opinion is so strong that it's fact and I shan't budge.

8. As much as I like to pretend that I am a free spirit and care not a whit for conventional rules, the matter a great deal to me. One morning, I fumed for at least twenty minutes about the elderly lady in front of me at 7-11 who got cappuccino in a coffee cup and paid the cheaper price.

Despite this new penchant for rules, I am at a loss for eight people to tag. Are there eight of you who haven't done this? Tag then! I've tagged you!!!


Scott Jones said...


Mister Teacher said...

Excellent, you thespian you!!
I just wanted to stop by and invite you over to my site to check out my YouTube Challenge!
Thanks, and I hope your summer is going well!

Pixie LaRouge said...

I can so relate to number seven. My personal grammatical pet peeve is "disrespecting." Lordy, you dumb freaks, disrespect is NOT a verb.