Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Like My Celebrities Distant

I don't know if it's a phase of my life or a function of my mood, but for the I've spent much of the last month or so hearing entertainment news and wondering why the public needs to know such things.

I don't want to see Alec Baldwin at his most deplorable. I want to watch him on TV and laugh. I don't want to see David Hasselhoff eat Wendy's off the floor while drunk, I want to make fun of his career. I don't want to see Anna Nicole's last moments re-enacted and if I never heard from Paris Hilton again, my life will still be full and happy. I want happy entertainment news, not the underbelly.

That's why Jeff Ruby might be my new hero. Go and nod in recognition.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I like it. I really like it.

And I would like to write that AP reporter and explain that NO ONE is found "innocent" in a court of law-- they are found "not guilty," which is actually an entirely different thing. OJ was found "not guilty," meaning it was determined by the jury that it was not proved that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

And how can the creep afford a lawyer if he can't afford to pay the civil judgment to the Brown and Goldman families, hmmm?

I must visit this restaurant on vacation.

And I am completely sick of Alex and Paris and Britney. Stop showing your ass and go home.

IMC Guy said...

Your post and Ms. Cornelius - well said.