Thursday, March 01, 2007

Worn Out

Today was incredibly tiring. Benchmark scores are rolling in and I'm starting to realize just how much work I have ahead of me. Sure, I'm teaching grammar, but does that mean that my students will be able to choose the best editing choice on a multiple choice test? I have that feeling of too much dividing of my time. Eigh. It's time to start teaching testing.

Eigh. That's tiring. That alone would wear me out. Add this alongside the other fatigue.

  • One kid asks if "I can bring The Little Rascals so we can watch it and correct they speech".
  • I overhear a conversation hashing out who is pregnant. I am hurt to hear that one of the girls is in another class of mine. The girl telling the story is saddened to, but not for the same reason. "Man. All her tattoos are gonna stretch out real bad."

It's nap time.

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