Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Talk Has Grown Tiresome

It's time to stop with the thinking and leap into the Year Of The Sweater.

I have three finalists. Leave any thoughts you have.

Finalist #1-Regine (clicking here will lead to you to a .pdf file, be warned) has the basic yet interesting style that would serve me well. Behold also the minimal finishing! Although long sleeved, it's thin enough to work from Fall to early Spring. Concerns? Do I really have to be the hero and knit an entire sweater on such small needles? Will it take me so long that by the time I finish, I'll hate it? And what of all that stockinette stitch? Would I fall asleep knitting?

Finalist #2-Blaze also has the "wear it every day" quality, but would take me from early Spring to late fall (provided summer wearing is inside an air-conditioned building). The wacky texturing insures that I'd seldom be bored. Concerns are similar to those of Regine, would the medal I'd get for knitting an entire sweater on small needles match my other clothes? Do I want the medal?

and now, a last minute entry for finalist #3

Invested is the exact sort of cabley vest I was speaking of. It's also made with chunky yarn and larger needles. It would take me through Fall and Winter. I wonder, however, if I am insane for thinking of a zipper. It also has a more limited window of wearing.

Thanks to all who sent and commented with suggestions. I'd love your continued feedback. Is anyone else taking on a first sweater?

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Cindy said...

My vote is for sweater #1 although I would be tempted to change to short or three-quarter length sleeves. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.